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How We’re Wired | Small Jobs + Big Customers

By August 16, 2019 No Comments

If you want to work with $100k clients, you first need to treat $800 customers like they’re worth $100k.

At Empowered Electric, we know this all too well.

Small Jobs / Big Customers is how we got our start in Kansas City, and it’s rooted in going the extra mile for your customers. But we also recognize that extra effort is easier said than done.

There is an Empowered People Podcast Episode that highlights this principle in full-effect. Please take the time to listen to the story, but here’s the story in brief:

The Hook

We were hired to complete a small, $800 project for a restaurant in Lawrence: RND Corner Grille. (If you live in Lawrence, you need to go). Shortly after the $800 gig, we were asked to do another, smaller project for them at $400.

Side: Within the time it took us to complete both projects, we got to know the founders of RND: Zach Marten and Bret Springs of Back Napkin Restaurant Group . We talked with them about life, good food and their dreams within work AND life. Not just business. We got to be good friends with those guys in the process.

The Hustle

Before long, those two “small” projects and two “big” relationships led to an important phone call.

The guys wanted to show us a new concept in Kansas City – it would replace The Cashew downtown and be called The Rockhille Grille.

Our podcast goes into greater detail – how The Rockhille Grille housed our first office space and led to many more customers – but don’t lose sight of this very important principle at Empowered Electric:

Small jobs can lead to big customers, IF you treat them accordingly.

The Goal

Never think you are “too good” or “too big” for a project – the goal is to form a solid relationship with the customer in the process, because you never know what that relationship could lead. And even if it doesn’t lead to something giant – you at least get to help someone accomplish their dream and vision.

Does the going the extra mile sound worth it? We understand if it doesn’t make sense.

But at Empowered Electric it’s how we’re wired.