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There are two kinds of people in this world: Doers and Talkers.

At Empowered, we only hire the former.

Sam Derry is a doer who exemplifies “loyalty, attitude and effort” as told by Empowered Electric COO, Paul Shoemaker.

Paul had another special thing to say about Sam:

“I have met a lot of people and seen thousands of projects. But when it comes to piping and concentric bending, Sam Derry is one of the best electricians I have ever met.”

In addition to our Leadership Team, Sam’s praise reigns from colleagues out in the field

“Sam is extremely honest,” says Nathanael Galbraith, Field Director at Empowered, “he completes projects with quality in mind – a hard worker and some don’t know this, but the guy is hilarious.”

We love that Sam is kicking off Empowered’s “People > Profit” blog post series. We hire people like Sam and then move forward with one goal in mind:

Take care of our people.

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