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How We’re Wired | Building the Business

By September 13, 2019 No Comments

Every week, we meet with some of the most amazing business leaders in Kansas City – people who inspire us to be better, work harder and dream deeper.

For instance, the guests we’ve had on The Empowered People Podcast – designers, artists, trainers, musicians, barbers, “unsuccessful” business owners – over the last year. We love learning from each of them because of one reason:

Sometimes it’s OK to get outside of your own lane.

Many of you have heard the term “stay in your lane” but what about this: veering into someone’s lane for the sake of learning other skills and techniques?

At Empowered, we glean from other experts in the city and it influences the way we build our business. We pay attention to others who aren’t in our lane and learn from them. THEN, we get to implement various components we like for the good of Empowered and our customers. (Even though we always try and give credit where credit is due).

People that come by our new North Kansas City office (near completion) are often shocked at how fast the company has grown.

But since Day 1, our founders, Josh Levin and Paul Shoemaker, knew that success would come. Why was success inevitable at Empowered?

Because we never shut up. And deep down we believe in what we’re offering our customers every day.

And when you believe in what you’re doing, you shouldn’t stop talking about it.

Lastly, it’s important you ask yourself this question when growing your business or thinking about a career change etc.

When you grow up, what do you not want to be?

Seriously. Play the tape forward 10 or even 30 years down the line. Where do you envision yourself? And when you have that mental image, take steps toward building your business – and we don’t mean that in the “company” definition of business. We mean deciding where you want to be in the future, and how it’s your business to get there.

That might mean getting out of your lane and asking others you admire some hard but good questions. And when they give you some answers . . .

Glean and go for it.