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People > Profit | Matt Phillips

By September 20, 2019 No Comments

One of the top qualities in a prospective employee: hunger.

When you interview someone for the position and they convey hunger to grow in their skill and craft, that’s an awesome candidate.

When that hunger is accompanied by a great attitude then you should probably hire that person.

“The second I met Matt Phillips,” says Empowered employee Matt Parman, “I knew he was going to be a great fit in our Empowered Electric culture.”

You also have a good chance of being hired at Empowered if your name starts with Matt P.

As for Matt Phillips, he has his own thoughts on work at Empowered Electric:

Aside from the work we do every day,” says Phillips, “the best part about Empowered is the people. Not to sound cheesy, but we really do have a great group of individuals working toward a similar set of goals. We want to do great work and have a good time doing it.”

“My favorite project to work on so far was Blue Springs South High School. It was a challenging project, but it was really important for our company. Also, I got to do a ton of conduit work, which I had been dying to get my hands on.”

When Phillips isn’t growing as an electrician, he’s crushing it as a family man.

“Outside of work, I love anything outdoors: fishing, hiking, camping. But, my wife and I are also home bodies, so being super lazy and watching stupid TV shows with her is my favorite.”

Again, it’s Matt’s hunger that inspires us every day – hunger to get better for the sake of himself and our team.

“As far as my career is concerned,” says Phillips, “First step is to finish school and get my Journeyman’s License. After that I would like to become a Master Electrician. I want to plan and lead jobs one day for Empowered, but I have a lot to learn on the way.”

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