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The Blueprint Series | Saving Sight

By September 6, 2019 No Comments

When an opportunity came along with Saving Sight in Kansas City, we wanted to take their space and make it one of the premier nonprofit offices in the city.

Saving Sight serves patients in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. They are one of the premier nonprofits in the Midwest for facilitating eye donation. They’re in the business of cornea transplants and changing lives . . .

Two things our team at Empowered can get behind.

In a more general sense, we love doing work for nonprofits we believe in. One of the main reasons is because, at the start of Empowered Electric, we read a book called The Promise of a Pencil. The book talks about being a nonprofit but operating like a for-profit company. After reading that, we realized something vital to our success:

We can run a for-profit company with a nonprofit heartbeat.

However, when you’re running a business, it’s easy to lose sight of that fact on a day-to-day basis.

We want to work with organizations who remind us of why we started Empowered Electric in the first place. Organizations who are like-minded in vision and heart. Organizations who are willing to empower others in and through their offering.

Saving Sight lights up the world for kids and their families. We were grateful to light up theirs.

Interested in getting involved with Saving Sight? We encourage you to learn more. In addition, you can help others experience the gift of sight by donating today.