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How We’re Wired | Brush That Chip Off Your Shoulder

By October 11, 2019 No Comments

If you’re starting a business – a coffee shop, online store or side-hustle – it’s because someone in your past or present believes in you to make it happen.

At Empowered, we know how important it is to breathe life into people so that they can become who they were meant to be in life.

Growing up, you were probably told a lot of things from a lot of people. Unfortunately, because we’re human, we often remember the negative comments over the positive. What’s even worse is that many people spend their lives trying to get even with the people who wronged them . . . years after they’ve seen each other or spoken.

Many people call this a chip on their shoulder.

But that chip, although a motivator to action, will only eat away at you over time. It will never help grow your business or idea.

Empowered was motivated by many different proverbial “chips”, but now we view success as brushing the chip or “dirt” off our shoulder. (Thank you, Jay-Z).

More pointedly, one example of success at Empowered is making payroll so that employees and their families get to thrive in life.

There’s too much good and creativity in you to worry about the chip on your shoulder.

Let it motivate you, but never let it steer your pursuit of success.