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People > Profit | Brennan Kolb

By October 18, 2019 No Comments

Brennan Kolb and Empowered’s Founder, Josh Levin, go way back.

Around 10 years ago, the two worked in the field as Apprentice electricians together. Eventually, work took them their separate ways in Kansas City.

And on September 4, 2018 their paths reconnected when Brennan signed on at Empowered Electric.

“Brennan is a guy that has a lot of grit,” says Matt Parman, Estimator at Empowered, “He is extremely loyal and exemplifies the ‘buy-in attitude’ we talk about a lot in and around our office.

In August, Brennan moved from the field to the office to work on something he’s wanted to pursue in the industry for a long time: estimating.

Side Note: In electrical contracting, estimating is how you estimate and submit bids to win new jobs and stay in business. The key is to bid low enough to offer a better deal than other contractors, but high enough to cover all costs, expenses and payroll. A solid team of estimators is a large reason why Empowered has grown exponentially over the last four years.

“I like working at Empowered Electric because of the confidence that Josh and Paul have in me,” says Brennan, “bosses like that help build my own confidence. There is also a strong sense of family and community within the company.”

“My favorite project I worked on was Ambassador Hotel Downtown. That job gave me my first look at responsibility on such a large scale and taught me that my boundaries and comfort levels were in my own mind. The project made me realize what my full potential could be.”

Brennan is a prime example of our namesake. Our goal is to empower individuals like him to become the best person and worker he can be.

“One goal of mine is to get my master electricians license. Surrounding myself with the brilliant minds at Empowered will help me achieve this goal.”