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The Blueprint Series | Underdog Wine Co.

By October 4, 2019 No Comments

This one is for all you wine lovers out there.

In 2016, we helped Ryan and Jenny Sciara open Underdog Wine Co. in Union Hill – located at 2984 Gillham Road in Kansas City.

Their goal, with the store, was a small and local wine shop focused on quality. The Sciara’s taste all of their wines and if they don’t like it, then they won’t sell it.

And that happens to be how we met.

Our founder, Josh Levin, went into Underdog one day to try Boulevard Brewery’s Kolsh Beer. Josh didn’t find the Kolsh Beer he and his wife, Bridget, were looking for and asked the Sciara’s why that was the case . . .

Because they hadn’t gotten to taste it yet.

Underdog’s quest for quality starts with ownership, and if the Sciaras don’t settle for less, they don’t think customers should either. When Josh experienced their personal touch to store ownership, he knew they’d be a quality, potential Empowered partner.

A partnership did ferment – not without some troublesome circumstances.

We were able to finish the Union Hill store, but missed a few key electrical components in the process. Like any good owner, they called us out on it. But we did everything in our power to make it right as soon as possible. We’re grateful that the Sciara’s noticed the problem just as much as we’re grateful for the second chance to make it right.

Soon after, they asked us to wire their newest location in Crestwood.

We encourage you to stop by Underdog ASAP for your next bottle of wine.

And when you look at their stocked shelves, know that it’s not out of necessity.

It’s out of care.

Care for the customer – something Empowered hopes to implement on a daily basis. Even if it means sitting down for a glass along the way.