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How We’re Wired | Get Some Sleep

By November 9, 2019 No Comments

Preface: We promise he is not sleeping on the job^^^

Sleep is a taboo topic in the entrepreneurial world.

Many individuals wear their lack of sleep as a badge of honor – they think if they get less than four hours of sleep then they spend more time working and striving than those who are “weak” and sleeping.

The first two years of Empowered Electric ran on little sleep. Starting a business is no joke. Our employees often worked long hours to get the job done, and when not on the job we spent hours thinking about jobs that often cause loss of sleep. Because we want to empower our employees with an entrepreneurial spirit (and the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table that will help us grow as a company), our team is often willing to put in long hours to grow our collective dream.

But that isn’t always the best option.

Running long hours often leads to running on fumes. In other words, employees that don’t take care of themselves physically and emotionally are on a one-way road to burnout. That’s a scary thing because it can lead to poor work performance and in extreme cases . . . depression.

The latter is the last thing we want for Empowered employees. Therefore, we encourage setting parameters on work. Shutting off the phone a few hours before bed, not checking business-related items after hours (unless an emergency) and yes – getting enough sleep!

Sleep is all about rhythm and routine. We all know that eight hours is the goal, and instead of offering excuses for why we only get seven or six, think about what in your nighttime routine could shift so that you do get eight hours every night.

Try it for a week and see how you feel.

Our team at Empowered isn’t perfect, but we are striving . . . during work hours. Outside of that, we’re present with our families, prioritizing sleep and getting better every day so that when our time comes to complete the job at hand, we’re ready.

Wide-eyed and well-rested.