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Light It Up | Atomic Provisions in Westport

By November 21, 2019 No Comments

Empowered Electric has the opportunity to turn on the lights for some amazing up-and-coming businesses in Kansas City. If you’re reading this blog, we want to give you a sneak preview of those attractions coming to the area in our new “Light It Up” series. All featured locations are Empowered projects worth knowing about. One day, when you’re visiting each of the ensuing businesses, know that Empowered was lucky enough to light it up for you, your friends and family to enjoy.

Downtown Westport is one of Kansas City’s greatest treasures. No two trips to the area are the same, as many you’ll catch a diverse crowd roaming the streets and sidewalks looking for a good time. And a good time is surely on its way in the form of an Icehouse renovation.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Icehouse, located at 41st and Pennsylvania, the building opened in 1907 and served as an ice manufacturing plant. The operation shut down in 1937.

Then things went cold.

But the building is heating back up with four new restaurant concepts to carry Kansas City into the new Roaring Twenties. Drew Shader, the owner of Colorado-based Atomic Provisions, is bringing some of mile-high air to Midtown, KC. And you guys are going to like the result.

Denver Biscuit Company

Breakfast as the “most important meal of the day” is debatable. But you can’t argue that brunch is on the rise. (Which obviously includes breakfast). We aren’t sure how society landed on brunch as a concept, but restaurants like Denver Biscuit Company set out to perfect the meal. Mission accomplished. This restaurant has been voted #1 breakfast to eat in Colorado among other accolades. Gather all your biscuit-lovin’-buddies and get ready for a brunch that will light your world on fire.

Fat Sully’s

Eat too much pizza and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. But every once in awhile, you should treat yourself to a savory slice of pizza. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just one giant slice. When was your last singular slice of pizza? (We know. It’s hard to stop at one). But Fat Sully’s will satisfy the craving with a walk-up window in Westport. That’s right. Stroll along the sidewalk and walk right up to Fat Sully’s window – order a slice and keep on walking, or stick around for another piece. In case it’s just that good.

Frozen Gold

The name says it all – no better way to honor the “Icehouse” location and the manufacturers of old than with award-winning ice-cream. But this non-traditional take will turn your favorite cereal, along with other flavors you never knew you needed in an ice-cream, into a two-scoop masterpiece.

Atomic Cowboy

When it’s time for a night cap, Westport has multiple spots for craft beer and cocktails. Atomic Cowboy will raise the bar for such locations. Good drink + good friends = a good bet to succeed in this neighborhood.

But we know true success hinges on more than the material – it hinges on people and relationships. On their hiring page, Shader has this to say about the people Atomic Provisions will hire for their restaurants:

“Atomic Provisions exists to nourish our staff, guests and community with simple-perfected food and service… one slice, one biscuit and one beer at a time.”

At Empowered, we believe his sentiment sounds familiar – one rooted in people over profit. Not that profit or a wonderful product isn’t important. But if you prioritize the latter, people will inevitably suffer as a result.

For the businesses coming to KC that promote great products, food, service, AND people . . . get ready. Because Empowered is ready to light it up.