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The Blueprint Series | Limitless Brewing

By November 6, 2019 No Comments

Emily and Dave Mobley run a brewery in Lenexa, KS. But their limitless journey to craft beer goes beyond barley and hops.

“At Limitless Brewing,” says Emily, “we want people to feel welcome in our space. We don’t want them to be scared or overwhelmed by the process, because we know how that feels.”

The couple first encountered craft beer at a brewery in South Carolina, and wanted to bring a similar concept back to the Kansas City metro.

“We do love east coast breweries,” says Dave, “because a lot of those breweries are family-based, in neighborhoods with a family friendly vibe. The breweries are open longer and more inviting. One brewery we kind of mimicked in that regard did free family meals on Sunday. Limitless Brewing now implements Sunday meals on occasion. There is nothing more American than enjoying good food and drink while getting to know one another.”

Limitless Brewing is a for-profit brewery with a nonprofit heartbeat – we love that about Dave, Emily and their team. Any company that stands for similar beliefs, with a heart for community and serving the city well, is a company Empowered loves to work alongside.

The owners knew starting their own east-coast influenced brewery would be extremely hard work, but they also knew it would be worth it.

“Right before we had the dream for Limitless,” says Dave, “I was working for the United States Postal Service. Very few managers knew who my name was, but I still went above and beyond in my day-to-day job. But I wasn’t fulfilled. In Emily and I’s mind, we recalled being truly happy out east visiting those fun, laid-back breweries.”

The couple started a craft beer blog called “Growlers and Stickers” where they highlighted different breweries across the country. They reached out to different breweries for their story, went to the breweries to interview and write about their experience, and eventually . . . the idea for their own brewery came to mind.

Turning vacations into educational experiences helped the Mobley’s start Limitless Brewery, and gave them a network to feed off in the start-up process.

Empowered + Limitless was the result of shared values. The story and “why” is super important, but business-leaders need to produce a great product AND get better every day.

The Mobley’s are taking Limitless Brewing one day at a time with similar values in mind.

“Our goal is to better the community through Limitless Brewing,” says Emily, “we partner with different Kansas City businesses, like Empowered Electric, and create new branded beers (like Empowered’s “Peope > Profit” Strawberry Saison) and give 100% of the profit from that beer to a nonprofit in our community.”

Crafting new beer to shed light on the community? Empowered Electric will back that vision every time