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People > Profit | Cody Ball

By December 12, 2019 No Comments

Cody came to us guns a blazing. He works diligently and seizes opportunity for growth as an electrician. Empowered Electric is a better company with him on our team. He has an infectious attitude, and from the moment Josh Levin interviewed Cody, we knew he had the drive to succeed.

“After Cody’s first interview,” says Josh, “we were about to do a workout at our office. He ‘had some workout clothes in his car’ so he joined us. He’s always ready to go. Always ready to answer the call.”

Cody has his own reasons that push him to succeed. Our job is to create an environment that allows him the freedom to be excellent.

“I like working at Empowered Electric because everyone holds each other accountable, “says Cody, “and everyone plays a vital role to complete every job and customer experience.”

“My favorite project I have worked on is The Clubhouse Experience in downtown KC. There were a lot of variables and little changes that came up as the job went along, but Andrew Thompkins and I handled them and got it done.”

Family Man

But for as great as an electrician Cody is, we also admire his commitment outside of work – as a husband and father. “People Over Profit” means focusing on our employees and their families and their collective health.

“Outside of work I love to spend time with my loving wife, Haylee, and two boys, Brody and Ryder. Everything from sitting at home watching movies to traveling for football and going to the local track to run/walk.”

Feeling Empowered

Lastly, as our namesake reveals: we are on a journey to empower as many electricians like Cody as we can. To give them an opportunity for career advancement. If we can take men and women with his drive and help them reach their goals, then we will be doing our job and fulfilling our “why” as a company.

“A goal in my career is to obtain my Journeyman’s License, Master’s License, and successfully run my own electrical contracting company in Northwest Missouri. Empowered Electric has and will continue to help me by embracing and supporting the fact that I want to better myself and create an opportunity to start a small business in a small town, where an electrician is hard to come by, and provide me with guidance and answer questions along the process.”

If Cody ends up running his own company, will that make him our competitor? Not in our eyes. But we will have a front row seat, cheering him along as he succeeds.