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How We’re Wired | Commitment is Doing What You Say You’re Going to Do

By January 16, 2020 No Comments

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The simplest lessons are sometimes the hardest to implement. When it comes to electrical work, we know the importance of doing the “little things” the right way. And then repeating that process thousands of times until all of Kansas City and beyond is 100% lit. Until then, there’s a small principle our electricians strive for: “Do what you say you’re going to do.”

Again, this may sound elementary, but there is a lot of weight in that sentence. Notice it’s not “Do what OTHERS say you should do” or “Do what you THINK you should do.” This is all about staying true to your word. And following through on your commitment to someone or something that you said you’d complete. If you need any help wondering what this looks like in practice, here are a couple tips:

Write it Down

On your calendar. In your notebook. A sticky-note on your car windshield. No matter what it takes, writing down your commitments will without-a-doubt increase your odds of actually doing it. We can’t really emphasize the power in “writing down” what you say you’re going to do. In addition to taking these notes, please keep a calendar so that you can block of sections of time to fulfill the tasks you committed to. The new year is a great time to pick up a beneficial habit – make an effort to implement on this one in 2020.

Accountability to Commitment

Completely tasks take communication and foresight. The root word “Fore” means “in front of, previous or earlier.” (Think about the word “Before”). At Empowered Electric, we have Electrical Foremen leading job-sites for our employees. A Foreman’s role is to pave the way strategically so we can implement accordingly. When you tell someone you’re going to do something, schedule a time in advance to follow up on the task. That way, you’ll remain accountable to the task at hand as well as yourself in making it happen.

Lastly, think about commitment and what it means for your integrity – who you are when no one is looking. If you love making commitments without following through, it’s time to take a look in the mirror. Not saying you have strive for perfection, but you at least need to stride in pursuit.

PS – The “How We’re Wired” series is based off “Tuesday Tune-Ups” on the Empowered People Podcast. If you haven’t listened yet, please do so today! The host and Empowered Electric founder, Josh Levin, shares stories behind the principles that propel our company.