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New Year | Same Grind

By January 9, 2020 No Comments

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It’s 2020, and Empowered is just getting started. When we started in 2016, we never thought 2020 would arrive with 30+ employees and close to $10m in revenue. But here we are. There are only two ways to explain our growth. And it’s two reasons why we plan on future growth in the decade to come.

1. People > Profit

It’s not a tagline, it’s a reality at Empowered. We care more about taking care of our people than making money off of electrical work in Kansas City and beyond. HOWEVER, a lot of people see “People > Profit” and think we don’t care about making money. That couldn’t be more false. In fact, making a profit is a large part of how we take care of our people.

We hire Kansas City’s best electricians. Apprentices with drive, and Journeymen/Foremen to lead out in the field and in the office. But once they’re on our team, we take care of them and give them hope for the future. Career growth opportunities follow their hard work, and it’s hope we’ll always operate.

2. Spread the News

As Inc. Magazine highlighted in their August issue, Empowered Electric was selected as one of their 500 fastest growing companies. It’s obviously exciting to be recognized by such a major publication, but the accolade only pushes us more. We’re not thinking about being “Inc. Mag’s Top 500” every day, because we have real work to do for real people. The accolades can come as a result.

In the meantime, we utilize social media and word of mouth to spread the good news: electrical work isn’t going anywhere, and trade-based careers are on the rise. Most of our electricians realized this awhile ago, and we simply provide a platform for them to grow in their skillset. However, by 2030, we plan on many more individuals to grab a belt and get on board. And when they do . . . 

We hope it’s Empowered’s door they’re knocking on. At our new office in North Kansas City. Those are the people we want.

Those are the electricians we’ll empower.


PS – What can you expect on the blog in 2020? More great content like “How We’re Wired” and Employee Spotlights. In addition, we will be promoting some of Kansas City’s best and brightest locations to dine, drink and attend with friends and family. Stay tuned!