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Empowered and Essential | COVID-19 Response

By April 30, 2020 No Comments

On Friday, March 27, we sent the following words to our 40+ essential team members in regard to our COVID-19 response:

“In case we haven’t said it enough, you are important. To us, to your families and friends, to the world. All of us are no doubt feeling stress and anxiety about everything we are hearing on the news. It is important to us that we share any resources with you that may help you cope with your own stress and anxiety.”

Because what else can we do in this time but bring one another back to what truly matters: relationship.

People need security. People need affirmation. And people need to know they’re loved. At Empowered, the latter comes first. As for the 30+ Million (to date) that have lost their jobs due to this nasty coronavirus, our hearts are with them as we strive to make this world a better place the only way we know how: electricity and encouragement.

That’s right. Although our team is built by electricians and for electricians, everyone here is gifted and talented in so many ways. Similarly, every business out there has something to offer this country and world. So let us end with a few encouraging words to all those businesses out there on the fringe – wondering what life will look like here in a month or two . . .

Success > Survival

Survival is important – It’s the road we all travel. You have bills and responsibilities, but if you are not careful, when this is over, you will live the rest of your life thinking about “survival” instead of “success.”

Empowered Electric is fortunate enough to be deemed an “essential business” so we can continue working on job sites in an effort to grow businesses in and for Kansas City. That helps us with survival. But we’re not stopping there, and you shouldn’t stop at survival either. Why? Because YOU are essential to your community. Survival is often the only goal we think about when we are scared and unsure. It’s how most of us feel right now. But if you really are essential (and you are) then you have the capability to succeed.

If you’re struggling, personally or in business, to figure out how your success weaves into this thing, please reach out to us via email or in our social media DM’s. We’d love to encourage you too. The Empowered team is built to succeed because we’re essential whether the government says so or not. Guess what? You are too.