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New Faces, New Places, Same Mission: People > Profit

By November 11, 2020 No Comments

The last seven months have been a whirlwind. This summer, we had a decision to make: slow down and evaluate this the world’s COVID situation and how we should “pivot” as a business, or put the pedal down and increase our capacity for new employees (our people!), new projects and new opportunities.

We chose the latter.

Take Care of Your People

And we’re better for it. Over the last seven months, we have . . .

  • Added 20+ employees. (50+ total)
  • Added more than a dozen new commercial electric projects
  • Revamped our benefits package to take care of our employees
  • Engaged “Echelont Front Online” to assist employees in professional development
  • Attended and spoke at Procore’s annual construction conference: Groundbreak
  • Launched a business class cohort at Empowered’s HQ
  • Kicked off Empowered’s Fantasy Football and Pickleball Leagues

Alright, so that last one is just for kicks. But what’s work if you can’t have some fun in the process? It just so happens, all seven of those accolades are fun for us because it means our team is winning.

Keep the Pedal Down

Not necessarily “beating” anyone else. We’re just winning. The only way that happens is if you put the pedal down when everyone else is pumping the brakes. COVID has sadly put a halt to many businesses and restaurants across the globe. That breaks our heart because some of the individuals running those businesses are our friends. But as far as what YOU can control today . . . how will you move forward?

Consider a couple podcast episodes we’ve put out lately:

  1. Failing > Faking  When many are out their projecting happiness and success, how will you inch closer to failing instead? And how will failing actually make you better in the long run?
  2. Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony. Will you coast into 2021 or sprint across the 2020 finish line?

This is the kind of encouragement Empowered Electric is running on. Join us for the sprint to the finish, and know we have more solid content to come! Throughout a wild few months, we’re here to stay.

As far as we’re concerned, this year sorted out the doers from the worriers. It’s time to get work done. That’s what we’re about at Empowered—it’s not going to change anytime soon.